How to choose the suspended ceiling?

by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

Tips and tricks for choosing suspended ceilings for different types of rooms and budget

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 At cost
Soon / By type of premises
 For ease of installation and dismantling
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 According to special operating conditions

What will you find in these sections?

At cost. Recommendations for choosing suspended ceilings depending on the price. In this section you will find the rating of KRAFT suspended ceilings depending on the budget. Which ceiling to buy - with plates on the T-profile grid system, open cell ceiling grilyato or linear strip ceiling? What is the difference in price for these types of ceilings? How can you save money on suspended ceilings? What does the total cost of a suspended ceiling consist of?

By type of premises. Recommendations for the selection of suspended ceilings by type of room. In this section, we analyze the features of the ceilings of various rooms depending on their purpose. Which ceiling to choose for the office? Which suspended ceiling is best for a mall? And which ceiling and why should you choose for the gym? We have compiled a rating of suspended ceilings for each type of room, as well as a final table with recommendations for choosing a suspended ceiling KRAFT.

For ease of installation and dismantling. KRAFT suspended ceiling rating for ease of installation and dismantling. What is it for? If most of the ceiling-mounted communications pass over only a few areas, then you can consider the option with a combined suspended ceiling. Therefore, in the part that requires constant access, you can install a ceiling that is easily dismantled. Then there will be no problems with access to communication. But such decisions should be thought out even at the stage of design and construction.

By performance. Recommendations for the selection of suspended ceilings for performance. Pros and cons of various types of KRAFT ceilings for prolonged use in various conditions. How many years will the suspended ceiling last? What can happen to the ceiling during operation? Why can a suspended ceiling become unusable? How to provide for the replacement of individual damaged sections of the false ceiling?

According to special operating conditions. Recommendations for choosing false ceilings for additional conditions. What suspended ceilings can be installed in rooms with high humidity? Is it possible to install accessories for ceilings on walls or facades? Can I install a suspended ceiling on the street? Which suspended ceiling to choose if good acoustics are required? We have prepared this section with answers to similar questions.

Comparative characteristics of the main types of suspended ceilings KRAFT

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