Ceiling plates and acoustic panels KRAFT

Aesthetics and indoor comfort

Since 2018, our company has opened its own production of KRAFT StoneAcoustic mineral ceiling tiles and heat and sound insulation panels based on KRAFT WoodAcoustic wood fiber.

StoneAcoustic Ceiling

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Thermal insulation acoustic panels KRAFT WoodAcoustic

KRAFT WoodAcoustic panels are made on the basis of wood fiber. They have excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Can be used: in false ceilings, in wall cladding, used as acoustic partitions and barriers. WoodAcoustic Pro panels are distinguished by the fact that they use an additional layer of mineral wool to improve the heat and sound insulation characteristics.

The material of KRAFT WoodAcoustic panels is easily processed and hand painted. Therefore, with the help of our panels you can not only create comfort, but also give individuality to any room.

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