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What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is a structure that is attached to the base ceiling (ceiling) on ​​special hangers. Suspended ceilings are used both for decorative purposes (for example, to hide communications, electrical wiring, air ducts, etc.) and for noise and heat insulation of a room. In addition, it is convenient to install lighting systems on suspended ceilings.

What types of suspended ceilings are available on the market?

Suspended ceilings can be divided into several types:
- Ceilings with a supporting structure of the T-profile grid system (cassette ceiling). For such ceilings, a frame of T-shaped profiles is assembled first. Then either acoustic mineral fiber or metal plates or GLK cassettes are installed in this frame.
- Linear strip ceiling. Such a ceiling consists of rails of various widths and heights. First, the carrier beams are attached to the main ceiling, on which the rails are subsequently installed.
- Open cell ceilings grilyato. Such ceilings usually consist of separate U-shaped rails. The guides are connected to each other by means of special locks and as a result, the construction in the form of a lattice is obtained. One of the varieties of such ceilings is a pyramidal grilyato, the only producer in Ukraine by KRAFT.

Which suspended ceiling to choose?

The choice of a suspended ceiling depends on the type of room and budget.

The most budget and "standard" option is the ceiling on the T-profile grid system with mineral (acoustic) plates. Such a ceiling will hide the defects of the main ceiling and will hide all communications. The ceiling on the T-profile is ideal for offices, conference rooms, halls and corridors of residential buildings, hospitals, educational and public institutions, etc.

Open cell ceilings (grilyato) are most often used in shopping malls, shops and other rooms with high and medium average ceilings. Open cell ceiling grilyato has a decent appearance and perfectly hides the ceiling space with communications, and, if necessary, you can meet a fairly modest budget. Also grilyato can be used for designer ceilings.

Linear strip ceiling opens the broadest possibilities for design. The number of variations of ceilings depends only on the designer's imagination. After all, you can use two types of rail of different sizes and different colors, as well as a rail with individual fastening. See examples of designer ceilings in our gallery. A cube rail can be used in any premises regardless of their purpose, on the ceiling it can be used as a solid array or “islands”, on walls, as partitions, to create multi-level structures and much more. Linear strip ceiling budget - average and above average.

Where to buy a suspended ceiling?

With us you can buy a suspended ceiling of any type: on the T-profile grid system, open cell ceiling grilyato or linear strip ceiling. You can contacting our managers in the way that is convenient for you.