The case when comments are not redundant!

by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

We try to maximize effective communication with our partners and customers. And now commenting on materials is available on our website!

What is the comment function for?

When creating the site, we were guided by the principle of maximum openness and information. We simulated a situation where a visitor to our site is a person who does not know KRAFT and has never dealt with suspended ceilings in his life. And after studying the materials on the site, such a visitor should at least clearly understand what suspended ceilings are, where and how they can be used and what our company is like.

But alas, the ideal is always unattainable, although we strive for it :) We understand that some materials may not contain complete answers to all questions that arise. Therefore, if you have any question, leave us a comment under the page, and we will answer it! Thus, you will help not only us, but also those who have the same question. Let's get better together!

In order to protect against spam, only registered authorized users can post comments. At the moment, due to technical nuances, the comment function is available only in the Russian version of the site. All comments are moderated. The moderator has the right to delete the comment if it does not correspond to the subject.

So no "NO COMMENTS"! Waiting for your comments!