New product catalog KRAFT 2019/2020

by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

Fresh product catalog in Ukrainian is available for viewing and downloading.

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In the product catalog 2019/2020 you will find our proven and demanded products, new products from 2019, as well as an announcement of products that are just being prepared for launch. Also in the catalog are design solutions for interiors using KRAFT products.

T-profiles KRAFT Nova, Fortis, HD and RH100 - long-term quality

Small changes were made to the design of the profile locks, which increased the strength of the connection and ease of use.

KRAFT Led lighting system - for all types of suspended ceilings

On the basis of G-Led and cubic luminaires, we have developed a full-fledged K-Led lamp for all types of suspended ceilings. In the catalog you will find a table comparing and applying all three types of KRAFT Led luminaires.

Acoustic panels KRAFT WoodAcoustic - warm and acoustic comfort

This year, heat and sound insulation boards based on wood fiber have already proven themselves at many sites in Ukraine.

Grilyato KRAFT - one of the most popular types of suspended ceilings

There are several types of grilyato: classic, pyramidal, cassette grilyato GLK 15/15 and others.

KRAFT cube rail and ceiling design solutions

We have slightly changed the configuration of the rail mounting to the traverse. A universal mount for slatted ceilings was also developed, which opens up new horizons in the design of ceilings.

New 2019. Screen ceiling of plate slats

Excellent appearance and even more opportunities for creativity - this is our new product - a plate-like louvre type lath.

New 2019. The ceiling of the embossed metal plate.

Any configuration and installation on the frame of the T-profile.

New 2019. Expanded Metal Mesh Panels

Low weight and elegant appearance. The panels are installed in the supporting structure of the T-profile instead of mineral plates.

Metal KRAFT cassettes for suspended ceilings

Create a multi-level design of your ceiling.

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