We are working! Production started

We also provide an opportunity to earn money with KRAFT!

Dear partners, friends!
Since last week, Kraft Dekensystem Ukraine has restarted production, which had been stopped since the beginning of the war. At the moment, we have the ability to involve a limited number of employees, so our production capacity is reduced. However, we are working and ready to fulfill your orders.

Also, during the hostilities, we want to give everyone the opportunity to earn money. We guarantee payment of remuneration for any order you attract and complete for the entire range of KRAFT products: T-profiles, grilyato, rail, KRAFT Led lighting.

Contact us in one of the following ways:
- fill out the feedback form on the website: https://kraftds.com/contacts
- write to the online chat on the site (even if the operator is not online, we will receive your request): https://kraftds.com
- send a request to e-mail: kraft @ kraftds.com (remove extra spaces in the address to send a letter)

Also, next week we will try to start accepting orders by our regular phone numbers: +38(044)3630065, +38(067)2700065, +38(063)0220065.

Glory to Ukraine!