by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

New Year's corporate party at KRAFT - Happy New Year 2022!

Who works well has a good rest! Incendiary costumed corporate party KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine! Party dress code - movie characters.

And who just looked at our light - Pennywise, Harley Quinn, Leon the killer, Trinity, Ostap Bender, Mavka, the Coach from the movie "Gentlemen", the guard from the "Squid Game" and even the Grunt from the movie of the same name with Adriano Celentano! Although in the course of the action, many had to reincarnate either into heroes from "1000 and One Nights", or into characters from "The Bremen Town Musicians". I never got bored!

We express our gratitude for organizing the holiday to the host, showman Alexander Gray,