by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

New 360° interactive 3D models of ceilings and fixtures

The collection of virtual 3D models on our website has been replenished with three types of grilyato and KRAFT G-Led lamps

Some time ago, we posted on our website interactive 3D models of suspended ceilings made of cuboid and plate laths and KRAFT T-Led and K-Led luminaires. And now we have supplemented this collection with 3D-models of classic and pyramidal grilyato, grilyato GLK and KRAFT G-Led lamps.

The interactive 3D models can be found on the respective product pages on the website.

Lamps KRAFT Led
Cuboid rail
Plate rail
Classic grilyato
Pyramidal grilyato
Grilyato GLK (cassette)

Why do we need interactive 3D models?

The main advantage of such models is that you can clearly imagine from which components this or that suspended ceiling or KRAFT Led lamps is assembled. Also, for those who rarely came across our products, such models can give a general idea of ​​the installation of suspended ceilings and lamps.

If you have any questions about KRAFT products, please contact our consultants - we will be happy to help you!