by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

"KRAFT Dekensystem" became a member of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Implementation of the long-term development strategy of the company presupposes active entry into foreign markets. The first step has been taken!

In our opinion, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI of Ukraine) is a powerful partner in supporting and developing business. This is especially true for enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity. The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has 70 own representatives in 56 countries of the world, provides information and advisory services, conducts examination of goods, appraisals of assets and performs many other useful and necessary functions.

Suspended ceilings of the KRAFT trademark have proven themselves among consumers. Nine years on the Ukrainian market were not in vain - our suspended ceilings have been installed on thousands of objects. Very often, a grilyato or cube-shaped rail is laid in the project by architects and designers even during its development. Our suspended ceilings can be bought without any problems anywhere in Ukraine, as well as from our partners in Georgia and Uzbekistan. The production facilities of KRAFT allow us to manufacture significant volumes of products in the shortest possible time. The quality of KRAFT suspended ceilings complies with the standards of Ukraine and the EU.

Over the past 9 years, we have been constantly moving forward, improving and developing. And we do not intend to stop there. On September 23, 2021, Kraft Deckensystem Ukraine became a full member of the Ukrainian and Kiev chambers of commerce and industry. This opens up new opportunities and new directions of development for the company. And we are ready to prove that a Ukrainian manufacturer can take a worthy niche in any market in the world.