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New wood textures for KRAFT suspended ceilings

We have expanded the range of standard wood textures for products such as cube and plate laths, all types of grilyato, T-profiles.

Based on our data, we can state that the trend of designing and installing customized solutions for suspended ceilings is gaining momentum. Architects and designers are increasingly offering customers non-standard options for grilyato and lath ceilings. Therefore, we decided to expand the possibilities for interiors in which natural textures prevail. Now the most popular KRAFT products (cuboid and plate lath, classic and pyramidal grilyato, grilyato GLK) can be ordered with additional wood grain textures. The new textures have been chosen to maximize coverage and compatibility with the overall color scheme of the interior.

Wood in the interior creates a feeling of comfort and safety. KRAFT metal suspended ceilings surpass wooden ones in their performance characteristics, and visually look exactly the same. And, of course, not a single tree was damaged during the production of KRAFT suspended ceilings!

We present an updated collection of standard wooden textures for KRAFT suspended ceilings:

Antique Golden Oak Sonoma
Gikory Modrina Nut Kariny

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