by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

New! Interactive 3D models of KRAFT suspended ceilings

On 3D models it is possible to examine in detail the arrangement of suspended ceilings and KRAFT Led lamps.

Samples of suspended ceilings or KRAFT Led lamps are not always at hand, so that they can be twisted in the hands, touched, shown to interested persons. Now, thanks to interactive models, it is possible to clearly imagine the assembly and arrangement of suspended ceilings made of cubic or plate laths, KRAFT Led luminaires of the T-15, T-24 and K- models, as well as the use of various types of suspensions for certain types of suspended ceilings. Examples of such models can be seen below.

The rest of the models can be viewed on the links:

Lamps KRAFT T-Led and K-Led >>>

Suspended ceiling made of KRAFT cuboid slats >>>

Screened suspended ceiling made of lamellar strip KRAFT >>>

Interactive 3D model of KRAFT Led T-24 lamps
Interactive 3D model of various types of suspensions for all types of KRAFT suspended ceilings

Models of T-profile ceilings, grilyato and KRAFT G-Led luminaires will be available soon.