Supervision by KRAFT specialists

Trust the installation of the ceiling specialists

Our company provides installation services for a full range of our products: T-profile ceilings using OWA mineral slabs, grigliato ceilings, KRAFT3 cubes, KRAFT LED lighting systems, etc.

Why it is advantageous to order a chef-installation right here:

• There are seven assembly brigades in the KRAFT Dekensistem staff - this is enough to start the installation operatively.
• All installers are highly qualified - we select only the best specialists.
• Our employees know the product thoroughly and have great practical experience.
• All brigades are fully provided with the necessary tools for installation.
• We conduct installation works throughout Ukraine.
• You get a complete installation of any KRAFT suspended ceiling systems.
• We value our reputation, and therefore we guarantee high quality of installation.
• The manufacturer recommends using the services of professionals during installation. And the best professionals, of course, the manufacturer!