Calculation of lighting and wiring diagram KRAFT Led

Recommendations for installation of lighting systems

Calculation of lighting

Approximate number of lamps can be calculated independently - one set (driver + 2 lights) is designed for lighting approximately 10 square meters. m of the room.
If you want to get an accurate calculation of the lighting done by our engineers in the DIALux program, then you need:
1. Drawing room (preferably files dwg or pla).
2. After that, our design engineer will contact you to clarify details and wishes (for example, where and what level of illumination you would like to receive, etc.).

Technological map of installation of the lighting system KRAFT Led (RU)

Lighting system for false ceilings KRAFT Led

Technical passport and user manual for the lamp KRAFT T-LED 29 W

1. Purpose
1.1. The led kit KRAFT T-LED is designed for indoor lighting of public buildings, administrative, office and other premises. The lamp is not intended for the use in high humidity areas.
1.2. The lamp KRAFT T-LED is designed to operate from AC power 200–240 V / 50–60 Hz. The lamp uses as LEDs SMD2835 of cold light as light sources.
1.3. The lamp KRAFT T -LED is produced in climatic version U3 according to GOST 15150-69, the lower temperature value is -25°C, the top temperature value is +50°C.
1.4. The lamp KRAFT T-LED corresponds to protection class I against injury by an electric current.
1.5. The lamp KRAFT T-LED is supplied with a power supply of direct current, which ensures stable operation of the lamp without pulsation.
1.6. The body of the lamp KRAFT T-LED is made of sheet steel, polycarbonate diffuser, end caps are made of polyamide.
1.7. The lamp KRAFT T-LED is supplied as a set with T-profile for suspended ceiling and should be installed simultaneously with the installation of suspended ceilings KRAFT Fortis T24/T15, or KRAFT Nova T24/T15. Additional components or fasteners to install the lamp KRAFT T-LED are not required.

2. Features

Model KRAFT T-LED 29 W
Power supply 200-240 V /  50-60 Hz
The light source Light emitting diode SMD
Driver type ЕМС-driver
Rated power 29 W
Luminous flux 3217 Lm
Light temperature 4770 К
Energy efficiency 110 Lm/W
Degree of protection IP20

Ukraine's National Building Code В.2.5-28-2006
Lighting of:
1. Administrative buildings: 300–500 lux
2. Dwellings, dormitories: 150 lux
3. Educational institutions: 200–500 lux
4. Children's preschool institutions: 200–400 lux
5. Stores: 200-400 lux.

To work in Dialux, download the IES file by link >>>

3. Wiring plan

Connection diagram of KRAFT Led lamps

4. Advantages
4.1. The lamp KRAFT T-LED meets the regulatory requirements for lighting of premises and working places.
4.2. The lamp KRAFT T-LED has instant switch, good color reproduction, it is weatherproof and vibration resistant.
4.3. The lamp KRAFT T-LED is economical in use and has a long service life.
4.4. The lamp KRAFT T-LED meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

5. Completeness
5.1. The lamp KRAFT T-LED  on profiles - 2 PCs (595 mm) or 1 PCs (1200 mm)
5.2. Power supply driver 29 W- 1 PCs
5.3. A technical passport and a user manual - 1 PCs
5.4. Packing box - 1 PCs

6. Requirements for safety
6.1. Product installation, troubleshooting, cleaning is performed only when the power is switched off by a qualified technician.
6.2. The usage of the Product is allowed only at the specified voltage.
6.3. Do not place the Product near combustible, flammable objects and reactive elements as well as near heaters.
6.4. Do not operate the Product with damaged wire insulation and the electrical connections.

7. Preparation for work, installation, operating rules
7.1. Unpack the Product; verify its integrity and completeness.
7.2. Fasten the Product with the main frame of the base of the T-profile.
7.3. Wire the Product, connecting the network cables to the appropriate pins on the Product.
7.4. Cleaning of the Product from contamination is performed with a soft cloth soaked in mild soap solution only when the power is off.

8. Disposal
8.1. The product does not contain expensive or toxic materials that require special disposal. The disposal is carried out according to the norms, rules and regulations of the country of disposal.

9. Storage precautions
9.1. The product should be stored in dry conditions and in the absence of air, acid, alkali and other contaminants.

10. Warranty
10.1. Warranty period — 3 years, subject compliance with the rules of operation.
10.2. The manufacturer is not liable for improper transportation, storage, installation and operation of the product.
10.3. In the absence of the batch number, the date of sale, stamp of the trading organization, the signatures of the seller and the buyer on the Warranty card, the warranty period commences from the date of manufacture of the product.