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Video reviews of suspended ceilings on T-profile, grilyato, slatted ceilings and design solutions

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KRAFT Cubic Rail Suspended Ceiling Installation Instructions (UA) Overview of the main types of suspended ceilings KRAFT 2021 Kraft Deckensysteme Ukraine suspended ceilings catalog 2020/2021
Overview of the main types of suspended ceilings KRAFT 2021 Installation instructions for KRAFT grilyato suspended ceilings (classic and pyramidal grilyato) (RU) Installation instructions for suspended ceilings on T-profiles KRAFT Fortis or KRAFT Nova (RU)
Bending process of the flexible KRAFT traverse for slatted ceiling and mounting the slat on the folded traverse KRAFT - "Suspended ceilings 2020" Victory by the voting results "Ukrainian People's Prize" Product catalog 2020/2021 (RU)
Great design with KRAFT ceiling rail. Classic grillato as a backdrop for a rack ceiling of incredible design. Video provided: Монтаж Потолків The best interiors with slatted ceilings KRAFT - 04.2020.
In this video, we selected the best design solutions for suspended ceilings using a rail manufactured by KRAFT Decensystem Ukraine. We produce two types of battens: cube-shaped and plate-like (screen ceiling).
Design rack ceilings in the SEC "Karavan" (Kiev)
Celebration for the birth of the company KRAFT 2019 Two-color grilyato KRAFT in the interior of a sports club KRAFT suspended ceilings - new in 2019
We showed the interior on the example of designer ceilings: - Acoustic panels KRAFT WoodAcousic; - Ceilings of plate-type "blinds"; - New mount for cubic rail, expanding its application; - panels of expanded metal mesh for ceilings on the T-profile; - panels with embossed metal plate for ceilings on T-profile
Cassette grigliato GLK in the interior of a private house. Robust construction and easy access to communications. Classic grigliato in ExiteGames on M. "Shuliavskaya" (Kiev). Installation of rounded corridors Shopping and entertainment center "Ornament" (Kiev). Pyramidal grilyato in the style of "embroidery"
The best solutions for suspended ceilings with products KRAFT Grilyato ceiling (Vitto Rossi shop, Lavina Mall, Kiev) KRAFT catalog (October 2018) in English. In addition to the traditional products KRAFT (T-profile, classic and pyramidal grilyato, cassette grilyato GLK, cubic rail), new ceiling solutions are presented - lamellar slat "blinds" and sound-insulating plates for suspended ceilings.
Projects for reconstruction of premises using KRAFT products: ceiling rails, grilyato, ceilings with T-profile using mineral plates, ceiling lighting system KRAFT LED. The open cell ceiling is grilyato on the street (outside the room). SRT Vianor   
Designer ceiling grilyato. Scheme "Day and Night" Designer suspended ceilings based on the KRAFT ceiling-mounted cube with KRAFT Led lighting system SmartPlaza, Kiev. Suspended ceiling from the rack KRAFT Cube
Design of the ceiling based on different types of grilyato Installation of the KRAFT exhibition stand Clinic "Gravimed", Kiev. KRAFT LED Lighting System
LED profile KRAFT LED: features and benefits (short version) LED profile KRAFT LED against a raster lamp - stroboscopic effect Design solutions for suspended ceilings based on grilyato
The scheme of installation of a false ceiling on the basis of a T-profile KRAFT