Orquideorama, Medellin flowers from metal

by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

The architectural composition in the Botanical Garden Medellin (Colombia) will not leave indifferent any visitor. Giant orchids (Colombia's national flower) made of metal, polycarbonate and wood are organically inscribed into the surrounding landscape complementing and expanding the surrounding space.

The project, developed in cooperation between two architectural studios (Plan B Arquitectos and JPRCR Arquitectos) took first place in the competition of projects in 2005. The authors of the project tried to blur as much as possible the boundaries between natural and artificial, which they excellently managed to do.

The structure consists of separate modules with six supporting columns and hexagonal "petals". Each structure forms a kind of patio with various plants and flowers at the bottom. Outside, the columns are lined with a wooden strip, and all necessary communications are laid inside.

The solution with a rail hiding the load-bearing elements of the structure and creates the illusion of lightness and transparency. It seems that you are looking at the sky through the crowns of forest trees. It's a great idea to use rails in your projects! We wish you inspiration!

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Location: Medellín (Colombia)
Architects (drawings): Plan B Arquitectos (Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal) + JPRCR Arquitectos (Camilo Restrepo + JPaul Restrepo).
Year: 2006
Photos:  Internet

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