by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

Lights in the loft-interior for rooms with high ceilings (photo)

How not to break the general style of the room using modern LED lights ...

Now the market offers a sufficient number of "pendant lamps in the style of the loft." But the decorative look is in fact the only plus of such lamps. Perhaps they are suitable for low rooms, but if you install such a lamp with a 60-watt lamp at five-meter height, then the office will have to move with a flashlight :).

Given the popularity of interiors in the style of the loft, KRAFT specialists prepared variants of original design solutions using modern LED-lamps (KRAFT Led). The advantages are obvious: the luminaires perfectly fit into the overall style of the premises, and the level of illumination and economy is much higher than with conventional luminaires.

In this case, the base element is the KRAFT T-Led LED profile. It can be installed either on separate suspensions or using a supporting structure made of T-profiles. As a result, you get the required interior with a modern lighting system.

LED profile KRAFT Led - general information