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Complete professional solutions for suspended ceilings

KRAFT Deckensysteme offers complete solutions for suspended ceiling systems - several types of T-profile grid system, open cell ceiling classic and pyramidal grilyato, cassette (modular) open cell system Grilyato GLK, linear strip ceilings based on cubic and plate rail, LED lamps KRAFT LED, metal ceiling plates, OWA mineral plates, a complete set of components for installation of suspended ceilings of all types.

Familiarize yourself with new types of suspended ceilings and components that we recently launched into production or are planning to launch in the near future.

T-profile grid system ceilings

The T-profile is the load-bearing structure of the suspended ceiling. The design is easily assembled by hand and fixed to the ceiling on special suspensions. After this, either the plates (plasterboard, mineral, metal, wood, glass, mirror, etc.) are inserted into the assembled cells of the profile or metal cassettes of open cell ceiling grilyato GLK.


KRAFT Deckensysteme produces four models of T-profiles: FORTIS, NOVA, HD and RH100. The width of the visible part of the profile can be 24 mm (standard) or 15 mm (thin). The models differ in performance and cost. And all models are fully compatible with each other. Look at the comparative table of T-profiles >>>

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the installation instructions for the T-profile and various schemes for mounting the T-profile grid system >>>

Design solutions - open cell ceilings (grilyato)

Grilyato is an open cell ceiling in the form of a lattice. Surely you saw such ceilings in shops, shopping centers, offices and other premises. Such advantages as ease of installation and maintenance, a decent appearance and limitless possibilities for design, have led to the widespread use of open cell ceilings in commercial real estate. The color of the open cell ceiling grilyato can be chosen from more than 500 colors on the RAL scale, as well as imitation of various types of wood, metal, stone.


The KRAFT Dekensystem open cell ceiling lineup includes such types: classic grilyato, pyramidal grilyato and cassette grilyato GLK. The classic grilyato and grilyato GLK are made up of U-shaped rails, and the pyramidal one is made up of an inverted pyramid. In the GLK grilyato, the role of the supporting structure is played by a 15 mm wide T-profile grid system, as a result of which the ceiling does not differ in appearance from the usual grilyato, but it is much more practical in operation.

Classic grilyato

Pyramidal grilyato

Grilyato GLK 15/10

Grilyato GLK 15/15

We recommend that you read the installation instructions for the open cell ceilings grilyato >>>

Linear strip ceilings

We offer two models of the linear strip ceilings - based on cubic-shaped and plate-shaped (screen ceiling). Moreover, both types of linear strip ceiling are mounted on a universal traverse KRAFT.

Linear strip ceiling KRAFT3 (KRAFT Cube) consists of cubes, which are attached to the bearing traverses. A variety of sizes and colors (RAL + imitation of natural textures) allow you to create various relief effects, as well as the original design.


We recommend that you read the installation instructions for KRAFT CUBE >>>

Linear strip ceiling with the use of flat slats is also called "screen" or "plate". Structurally, the ceiling consists of vertical plates fixed to the supporting beam. The original plate fixing system can significantly reduce installation time, and also provides easy access to communications in the ceiling space.

Screen suspended ceiling made of KRAFT rail Screen suspended ceiling made of KRAFT rail

LED lighting system KRAFT LED

The KRAFT LED lighting system is designed for all types of suspended ceilings. Due to the small mass, the luminaires do not require an additional suspension. And you can install KRAFT LED anywhere in the suspended ceiling. Additional advantages - KRAFT LED does not require maintenance, the service life is up to 50,000 hours and they are absolutely safe. The luminaires use components from leading manufacturers - LG, Samsung, Cree, Philips, etc.

The KRAFT Led lighting system conventionally consists of two parts - the light source (luminaire) and its mount. Luminaires in all systems are the same. And depending on the type of suspended ceiling, we offer three types of mounting: T-Led, G-Led and K-Led.

Lighting system for false ceilings KRAFT Led Lighting system for false ceilings KRAFT Led

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the installation instructions for KRAFT LED >>>

Integrated design solutions for suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings KRAFT provide unlimited possibilities for design solutions for any interior. Combine different types of open cell ceilings with each other, experiment with colors and the size of cells, create "transitions" and patterns - it all depends on your imagination!

Read more about KRAFT design solutions by link >>>


Metal ceiling cassettes KRAFT

Metal plates manufactured by KRAFT are used with the KRAFT Fortis T-profile grid system. The main advantages of metal cassettes: they do not require maintenance during operation, do not lose their appearance over time, non-flammable, non-toxic, easy to clean and disinfect, provide easy installation / dismantling and access to communications in the ceiling space.

The metal plates are compatible with the KRAFT Led lighting system, and they can also be combined with other types of KRAFT suspended ceilings.

Read more about KRAFT metal plates for false ceilings >>>


The German company OWA is one of the leading European manufacturers of mineral wool tiles for suspended ceilings. At your choice a large number of models of ceiling panels: acoustic, fire, hygienic, designer, etc. The large assortment and 50 years of experience of OWA company is a guarantee that your ceilings will meet all the requirements set to them.



As you can see, applying to KRAFT Deckensysteme you get not an isolated set of individual products, but a complete professional solution for your ceiling. Sometimes it's hard to immediately understand all the nuances - contact our specialists right now and get detailed advice about the products >>>

OWA mineral tiles are supplied on order from 1000 sq.m.

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