Below you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions about KRAFT products. In addition, you can ask your question using the feedback form or online chat.

We enable our clients to choose a profile for the necessary operating conditions. The profiles NOVA and FORTIS are the basic profiles, the technical characteristics of which satisfy 80% of queries. The other profiles have improved characteristics. For example, the HD profile can withstand increased stress, and the RH100 profile can be used outdoors.

Comparative characteristics of profiles can be found in the table >>>

P.S .: we can produce a customized profile with any possible characteristics for specific operating conditions.

Yes, indeed, KRAFT LED profile (for 2017) have Ukrainian and European patents. Also in 2018 we expect an international patent. And, of course, we are interested in protection from counterfeits. Therefore, on any of the elements of KRAFT LED profile (profile, LED strip, acrylic cap, etc.) you will find our logo.

As a rule, we calculate the lighting and determine the position of each light source. You get a set of T-profiles for the ceiling and a layout scheme for the KRAFT LED profile. The installers can only adhere to the scheme, and install the KRAFT LED profile in the right places of the suspended ceiling.

This is a grigliato with a modular (cassette) system. Visually, it does not differ from the classic grigliato. And it is mounted on ordinary T-profiles, as well as a standard suspended ceiling. Instead of plates, the assembled grigliato cassettes are inserted.

Of course you can! Standard schemes were developed by our design department solely for demonstrating design possibilities. If you have your own experience - welcome - our specialists will help you to realize them in the interior.

Our design department is able to make such a visualization. This applies to objects with a large area of the ceiling, when you want to look at the product in the array. Specify the possibility of visualization from your manager.