by KRAFT – подвесные потолки

Quality confirmed by tests

KRAFT Deckensysteme pays much attention to the safety of its products.

Bearing capacity, strength.

Strength and carrying capacity of our products are confirmed by Ukrainian and European test reports and certificates.

Fire safety.

1. All KRAFT products belong to the fire safety class A1 - non-flammable.
2. Open cell suspended ceilings grilyato are not monolithic. Therefore, in case of fire, smoke and combustion products are removed due to the transparency of the ceiling.
3. The main guides of the T-profiles grid system KRAFT have a fire compensator that compensates for the temperature expansion of the metal.
This makes it possible to avoid collapse of the ceiling during a fire.

Environmental and electrical safety of KRAFT LED lamps

1. KRAFT LED lamps do not contain mercury.
2. KRAFT LED lamps do not emit ultraviolet light.
3. They have a fully insulated IP20 enclosure.
4. Electrical safety class: II.

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