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Suspended Ceiling System Solutions

KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine is a leading manufacturing company in the market of suspended ceilings in Ukraine. Our products are widely used both in Ukraine and abroad.

We are a leading manufacturer of suspended ceiling systems in Ukraine

Our products are in great demand because:
• We use proven raw materials and reliable equipment - this is the guarantee of quality and safety of the products.
• All manufactured products pass quality control during production, as well as certification in Ukraine and the European Union (EU).
• We monitor the current trends in the ceiling systems market and constantly introduce novelties and innovations.
• We constantly increase the assortment of our products, so our customers have the right to choose.
• We offer not just individual products - we offer ready-made professional solutions for ceiling systems.

KRAFT Deckensysteme Ukraine - the winner in the category "Suspended Ceilings of the Year" 2020-2022 popular vote "Ukrainian People's Prize"
Dynamics of the company's development

In 2011, we launched the first in Ukraine line for the production of T-profiles for suspended ceiling systems. As of the beginning of 2022, we have already produced more than 35 different products and modifications.

T-profiles grid systems ceilings:
- NOVA T-24 – an economical solution for suspended ceilings;
- FORTIS T-24 and T-15 – universal carrier system;
- HD T-24 and T-15 – reinforced profile;
- RH100 T-24 and T-15 – for use in wet areas.

Metal plates for suspended ceilings on T-profiles
Slab size: 600x600 mm. Height: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm

Open cell ceilings (grilyato):
- Grilyato classic type;
- Grilyato pyramidal type;
- Cassette type – grilyato GLK;
- Grilyato blinds type;
- Design solutions based on grilyato.

KRAFT LED Led lighting system for all types of suspended ceilings
We produce three types of fixtures:
- T-Led - for T-profile ceilings and GLK cassette grilyato;
- G-Led - for all types of grilyato, as well as rack ceilings;
- K-Led - complete lamps for all types of ceilings.

Linear Strip Ceilings
- Suspended ceiling KRAFT3 (KRAFT Cube) based on a cube-shaped rails of various heights and widths.
- Suspended ceiling using a flat rail ("screen" ceiling)
- Slatted ceiling design solutions

We strive to ensure that our customers receive a quality product that allows us to translate any design ideas.

Facts about the company

• The total area of ​​production and storage facilities of KRAFT Dekensistem is about 10000 sq.m.
• Own design office and design department.
• The total number of employees is over 180 people.
• Developed distribution network - more than 150 distributors in all regions of Ukraine, as well as abroad.
• Our strategic partner German company OWA is one of the largest European manufacturers of ceiling mineral tiles.

If you decide to install a false ceiling in an office, shopping center or other premises, then we will make your choice easy, and the result is predictably flawless.

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