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KRAFT is strength*

Products of "Kraft Deckensysteme Ukraine" are operated at thousands of facilities in Ukraine and abroad. Most of the shopping centers in Ukraine, built or reconstructed over the past few years, have our suspended ceilings installed. Shops and sports clubs, clinics and schools, business centers and conference halls, hotels and restaurants, metro stations and gas stations - KRAFT suspended ceilings are chosen by those who value quality and reliability. A wide range of design solutions makes it possible to implement almost any creative idea.

In confirmation of our leadership position in the market, according to the results of the Ukrainian People's Prize voting, KRAFT Deckensysteme won "Suspended Ceilings of the Year" in 2020-2021

Abraham Lincoln said, "I walk slowly, but I never move back." This quote perfectly characterizes our company - we never stop at what has been achieved. We are growing, improving existing products, expanding our assortment and striving to be in trend. When we present a new product sample, be aware that this sample can be 126th or 342nd. It could have taken 2 months to complete ... or 2 years. But, despite any difficulties and challenges, we are developing, so KRAFT customers can be sure of the professionalism of our team and the high quality standards of our products.

* kraft - strength, energy (translated from German)

Rack suspended ceiling KRAFT in the SEC Karavan, Kiev